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In this commercial world, it is very expensive to buy an Exposure Unit for Screen Printing. We can build an Exposure Unit at our house. It is neither complicated to build nor costs much in building the home made Exposure Unit. It doesn’t need any special skills in building it. We just need all the required things to just fix it. It is just a box with 24” length, 24” breadth, and 10” depth. It doesn’t occupy much space. It also contains set of fluorescent tubes, two normal compact florescent lights, and a switch to operate the tubes. Exposure Unit expose the screens i.e., we just burn the screens. Hence there should be at least 2” of gap between the screen and tubes. Other than this box we can have some extra features like designing a stand with separations to put the screens than keeping them anywhere else, the stand can be designed with wheels for free movement from one place to another. If we don’t like these extra features we can just place the box on any table and screens at any place.

The screen we use in the Exposure unit should be tempered so that it doesn’t break into sharp pieces which further hurt us. Hence the screen we use is a unfiltered ¼’’ tempered glass i.e., unfiltered quarter inch tempered glass. The edges of the screen are bevel edges, which won’t be sharp. The screen we use is unfiltered which means the screen allows UV rays to pass through and provide sufficient heat.


The fluorescent tubes which we use in building Exposure Unit, we can dismantle them easily. The fluorescent tubes are not normal tubes. The tubes we use are 24’’ and are black light tubes. These tubes should also be unfiltered just like screen. The normal tubes available in the stores will be filtered tubes. The filtered ones will always protect our eyes from the rays. To light these tubes we wire all the tubes together with the help of chords and plug them to the switch board. As we already learnt that Exposure Unit expose the screens. Thus we expose the screen to the lights for certain amount of time as per the requirement, then we turn off the switch. The two normal compact fluorescent lights we connect help us to trace the art and edit it whenever we need to make changes.

Advantages of building an exposure unit at house are:

It doesn’t cost much.
We can easily replace the parts when they get damage.
We need not rebuild the entire unit.
It can be a hobby for someone.
It can be a source of income for someone.

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