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We are known for the quality of the services that we provide. We wanted to infuse art into something that people of all age groups would love and that is why we took screen printing. We design shirts, letter vehicles and we work on your hats as well. You will simply love what we are doing.

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Die-Cut vs. Laser Cut: What Makes the Difference?

The most beautiful specimen of work can become sub-par if the finishing is not perfect. Although morning shows the day, when it comes to crafting, the finishing is equally, if not more, necessary.

Hence, the emphasis on cutting. There are two different kinds of cutting methods available to crafters. One is Die-cut, and the other is laser cut. You, as a crafter, must know about the difference between this two variables.

Why does it matter? It matters because each one of the two types comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you know that, then you can choose which method to use on your next or even current project.

Let’s dive right in. At first, we will talk about Die cutting.

What is Die cutting:

If you cut the material into unique shapes after printing is done, then you are already using die cutting. If the object has low strength, then die to cut would be the perfect way to go. To know more details about die cutting see this post.

Advantages of Die cutting:

Allow me to tell you about some advantages of Die cutting.

  1. If you want different and or decorative shape, you must have die cutting.
  2. You can have flexibility with this process.
  3. Less costly, affordable for everyone.
  4. Allows creativity.
  5. The process is easy, fast and it works.
  6. You can have multiple cuts with many layers and complex shape.

Laser Cutting:

Laser Cutting printing এর ছবির ফলাফল

Laser Cutting is the “other” popular method. The process that uses a laser for cutting is called Laser cutting. Simple, right? Unlike the die cutting process, this procedure uses machines.


Like die cutting, laser cutting also has loads of benefits. Like –

  1. Ensures efficacy
  2. The tiny and intricate designs are no longer a hard nut to crack with this.
  3. More precise than dice cutting.
  4. The density of the material does not pose any problem.
  5. Significantly less time-consuming.
  6. Customization is much easier.

Now, as you are aware of the pros of both laser and die cutting, let us focus on the major differences between the two.

Differences Between Die Cutting and laser cutting:

The first and significant difference between the two process is the use of a computer. While die cutting is manual, the laser cutting machine uses a machine. It can run automatically.

Regarding time, preciseness and production of sophisticated design, laser cutting would beat die cutting every time. The latter type also uses sharp tools that can cause physical damage to the operator. It also needs a new die for each new design, which can prove to be troublesome.

On the other hand, Laser machines are significantly more costly than die cutting. It also produces much smoke and dust which can endanger the health of the crafter, not to mention the chances of burn or other types of injury. Finally, laser machines draw much more power than the manual die cutting machine and also produces much temperature.

The Verdict:

The differences between laser and die cutting are marked. Each one has some advantages that the other does not. Both of them perform the same function. So in the end, it boils do

Common printing defects in screen printing


In this procedure, the ink is pushed through a work or stencil to print a specific plan on the coveted material, similar to your customized shirt. Either by patterns or by an impermeable material, the fluid just exchanges to the regions the screen grants, taking into account incredible plan potential. The system has a long history and has advanced consistently, however the mechanics have remained practically the same.

Screen printing didn’t make it over the globe until the eighteenth century, yet it didn’t get on rapidly because of the way that it was hard to discover silk work in those days. At to start with, the strategy was for the most part used to design attire, dividers and a few items. It wasn’t until the point that the nineteenth century when it ended up prominent in the realm of promoting.

Doctor Streak:
An assortment of level screen printing surrenders, individuals put it assembled into a few kinds, refinement in item testing, while as indicated by the marvel named. Actually, there is little deformity created rehash, regardless of a similar marvel, however isn’t really a similar reason. Here the most widely recognized real deformity inclined to investigate the likelihood of imperfection examination, give an investigation of deformities thoughts.

Connected version stains:
It alludes to a wavy white or shaded streak in the texture in the twist bearing. It is called so since it is caused by harmed or despicably set specialist cutting edge in the screen printing machine. A specialist cutting edge is a metal blade that cleans or scratches the overabundance color from engraved printing rollers, leaving color glue just in the valleys of engraved zones.

The following variant of the printing shading shades emblazoned or cover or separated. Printing belt running back position settings are not permitted; not control the weight around the sharp edge; organize box is too high from the conduction band, he found the edge of the squeegee from the screen off; printings open line measure is too vast, bringing about the following adaptation mouth weight region Big.

Pressed paste:
Amid the printing procedure the texture in some cases wrinkles under one of the screen amid the printing procedure. Along these lines the example is imprinted on the highest point of the screen. At the point when the wrinkle is evacuated, it leaves a huge region of the texture unprinted.


Paste side:
The wonder demonstrated the framework of the example is hazy, fluffy complex shading contact surface or edge aviation route weight glue. Weight will be founded on the guideline of glue, wet on wet printing, the last form will be squeezed to the past release, the quantity of the following adaptation mouth squeezed more genuine weight glue.

It happens when the printed zone seeps out into the unprinted zone. This outcomes in a “haloing” or shadowing impact around the diagram of the example plan. Wicking is frequently caused by remaining salts left in the texture amid leave completing or amid texture planning.

How to build an Exposure Unit


In this commercial world, it is very expensive to buy an Exposure Unit for Screen Printing. We can build an Exposure Unit at our house. It is neither complicated to build nor costs much in building the home made Exposure Unit. It doesn’t need any special skills in building it. We just need all the required things to just fix it. It is just a box with 24” length, 24” breadth, and 10” depth. It doesn’t occupy much space. It also contains set of fluorescent tubes, two normal compact florescent lights, and a switch to operate the tubes. Exposure Unit expose the screens i.e., we just burn the screens. Hence there should be at least 2” of gap between the screen and tubes. Other than this box we can have some extra features like designing a stand with separations to put the screens than keeping them anywhere else, the stand can be designed with wheels for free movement from one place to another. If we don’t like these extra features we can just place the box on any table and screens at any place.

The screen we use in the Exposure unit should be tempered so that it doesn’t break into sharp pieces which further hurt us. Hence the screen we use is a unfiltered ¼’’ tempered glass i.e., unfiltered quarter inch tempered glass. The edges of the screen are bevel edges, which won’t be sharp. The screen we use is unfiltered which means the screen allows UV rays to pass through and provide sufficient heat.


The fluorescent tubes which we use in building Exposure Unit, we can dismantle them easily. The fluorescent tubes are not normal tubes. The tubes we use are 24’’ and are black light tubes. These tubes should also be unfiltered just like screen. The normal tubes available in the stores will be filtered tubes. The filtered ones will always protect our eyes from the rays. To light these tubes we wire all the tubes together with the help of chords and plug them to the switch board. As we already learnt that Exposure Unit expose the screens. Thus we expose the screen to the lights for certain amount of time as per the requirement, then we turn off the switch. The two normal compact fluorescent lights we connect help us to trace the art and edit it whenever we need to make changes.

Advantages of building an exposure unit at house are:

It doesn’t cost much.
We can easily replace the parts when they get damage.
We need not rebuild the entire unit.
It can be a hobby for someone.
It can be a source of income for someone.

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